Welcome to MoC - the zone of visibility for different forms and shapes of corruption that paradoxically promotes justice, common good and purity.

MoC treats ethical aspects of corruption rather than legal, effects of corruption, rather than pure representation.
MoC Departments:
Corrupted institutions - Corrupted language
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Corrupted personalities - Corrupted information
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The aim of MoC: to stimulate and reward through aknowledgment the institutions, languages, personalites, information, and cultures that remain uncorrupted.

Method of the MoC: based on everything that corruption is not: transparent, clean, good.
MoC pretentions: to influence corruptive relations, because in a society based on corruption, those influences could have conseqences.
MoC is backed-up solidarity, individual responsibility and a Board of Trustees.
MoC is initiated and established by ZMUC and DRPKO from Serbia in 2016.
MoC contact: zmuc [at] zmuc.org, muzejkorupcije [at] gmail.com
+381 11 3731 046 - 00381 64 167 0647